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How To Make Your Card Attractive

There are so many ways through which you can market your business, and you cannot talk about this without mentioning business cards. While designing a business card, ensure that you include key information and your contact for ease of communication. It is surprising that more than half of the people who receive business cards throw them immediately. While it is arguable that they throw them away because they don’t need the services, sometimes it the design that portrays your brand negatively. Don’t rush into printing business cards because you could be making a terrible mistake which may cost you dearly. Here are unique yet useful business cards you should take note of.

A tearable business card has proved to attract the attention of many people. This design, which is mostly used by divorce lawyers, has a way of creating a double attention. Since it is tearable, it is easy to share, practically killing two birds with one stone. Remember to double check just to be sure that you have included all the key information and details about your business. You should also consider seed packets. If you want to print a bottle opener business card and remain cautious about the environment, this is the perfect idea. To avoid wastage of the seeds, include relevant instructions on the packets. Remember that they can come in simple but cute designs which will definitely attract the attention of your potential customers.

More ideas include the camera-view. We must give credit to photographers and videographers who have invented creative marketing ideas to ensure that people notice business cards. There is the illusion that attracts many people because from afar, you can see that you are looking through the camera lens. There is another idea suitable for marketing a yoga studio. The information about your business can be inserted in some corner of the yoga mat so that when it is rolled, it appears and attracts attention just as the bottle opener business card. With much information in a small object like the mat, many people will definitely want to know more.

Then there is the idea of the bottle opener. This is ideal for bar owners and beer enthusiasts. One of the reasons why bottle opener business card is recommended by many people is its practicality. It has a way of initiating conversations the moment someone pulls a bottle opener then realizes there is some information. There is another great opportunity in filters. As states legalize the use and ownership of marijuana, there is a considerable growth in the number of users. You can include some information about your business on the filter so you can rest assured that people will hold on to it as they enjoy their favourite joints.